Prof. Dr. Rudolf Kaiser (1930-2021)

Rudolf Kaiser, the great scientist and motivator of generations of gas chromatographers, had given me permission to continue publishing his electronic books, which were accessible to the scientific community on the internet as INTERCHROMFORUM and PLANAR CHOMATOGRAPHY.

Rudolf Kaiser was a great inspiration and teacher on gas chromatography for me long before I met him in person at the GC conference in Riva del Garda 2016. It was a great pleasure that he enthusiastically acknowledged our development of thermal gradient gas chromatography. Especially as Rudolf Kaiser himself had been one of the pioneers of this technology.

It was with deep sadness that I learned from Dr. Olga Kaiser of his death on 6. 8. 2021. I am very grateful to her for supporting the intention to keep the memory of her husband alive with the ebooks INTERCHROMFORUM and PLANAR CHROMATOGRAPHY. Therefore, you will find this content linked below.

I am sure, and have heard this from colleagues, that the ideas of Rudolf Kaiser, with his immense experience, will inspire many generations to come.

Bonn, 15. 01. 2022, Peter Boeker