Optimised and resource-efficient industrial production

The first use of the HyperChrom GC is in laboratories. However, there is also great potential in industrial fields of application. Previous process GCs are largely used as isothermal GCs, as otherwise high measuring speeds are not possible. With the flow field principle of the HyperChrom GC, however, fully temperature-programmed measurements can now be carried out in as little as 60 seconds.

This opens up new possibilities for process monitoring and control. Optimized process control saves costs and makes better products possible.

GC Industries: Petrochemical sector

Petrochemical Sector

  • Hyperfast SimDis measurements
  • C10 to C60 in 60 seconds
GC Industries: Chemical Industries

Chemical Industry

  • Production control
  • Incoming goods control
GC Industries: Food Industry

Food Industry

  • Ingredients
  • Contaminants
GC Industries: Aroma Industry

Aroma Industry

  • Adulteration of natural compounds
GC Industries: scurity applications

Security Applications

  • Screening for explosives
  • Hazardous substances
GC Industries: Pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Residual solvents
  • Rapid screening of products and intermediates