Awards & Nominations

We are grateful for the following awards:


Paper of the year 2015

The first publication on the new GC was named 'paper of the year' in the journal 'The Analytical Scientist' in 2015. This unexpected honor meant an early recognition of the new measuring method by the academic world.

The TASIA prize

In 2018, the journal 'The Analytical Scientist' awarded the TASIA prize to the new gas chromatography method and the first pre-series device.The jury's assessment is very flattering, but also an incentive to do even better justice to this praise with the series devices.

This is the largest innovation in gas chromatography since the introduction of comprehensive GC×GC some 25 years ago. This instrument allows us to do something that has been speculated about for decades; in short, GC can become much faster, more sensitive and more selective. — The Analytical Scientist

The German Future Prize

HyperChrom has already been proposed twice for the most important technology prize in Germany, the German Future Prize. In 2017 by the Federal Ministry for Research and Innovation (BMBF) and in 2021 by the German Research Foundation (DFG). These nominations alone were a great honour and recognition for the team.

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